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Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

The SIAC is an an arbitral institution that was formed in 1991 to "meet the demands of the international business community for a neutral, efficient and reliable dispute resolution institution in a fast-developing Asia."

The SIAC is a neutral and independent venue at which parties can resolve their disputes. It also provides institutional support for the conduct of arbitrations.

The SIAC assists parties in :-
  • The appointment of arbitrators
  • Financial management of the arbitration
  • Case management i.e. ensuring the smooth progress of arbitration
  • Administrative aspects of an arbitration e.g. hearing venues and facilities
  • Managing the financial and other practical aspects of arbitration

The SIAC has also published its own arbitration rules, the most recent version of which was released in 2013.

To access the SIAC Rules, please click here.

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