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Legal hold / litigation hold - sample notice

Legal holds (or litigation holds as they are sometimes called) involve issuing notices to relevant personnel in an organisation to preserve documents in both hard-copy and soft-copy formats.

To download a sample legal hold / litigation hold notice, please click here.

Customised legal hold / litigation hold solutions and notices may be obtained by contacting us. Please click here.

What is legal hold / litigation hold?

A legal hold (or litigation hold) is a measure implemented by an organization aimed at preserving all relevant data, information and documents when a legal dispute (e.g. litigation, arbitration or government investigation) is commenced or reasonably anticipated.

The hold is aimed at avoiding the destruction - whether intentional or accidental - of documents that may become evidence in the litigation, arbitration or government investigation.

The hold is put in place by issuing a specially-worded notice to all affected personnel.

The hold should suspend the disposal of all relevant electronic documents or records (e.g. email) until the dispute is over e.g. all backup tape recycling and re-writing of archive media should cease.

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