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Singapore : International arbitration hub

In recent years, Singapore has emerged as a leading centre for international commercial arbitration.

Its strengths include the following :-
  • Central geographical location
  • World-class infrastructure and communication facilities
  • National courts with considerable expertise in arbitration law
  • Stable political environment
  • Pro-arbitration policy
  • Perceived by both East and West to be a neutral dispute-resolution venue.
Benefits of arbitration

Arbitration has various benefits over litigation in court :-
  • Confidentiality in relation to the dispute and the outcome
  • Ability to choose the arbitrator e.g. an expert in the field
  • Usually less acrimonious
  • No necessity to follow strict rules of evidence
  • Parties can agree on their own procedure and timelines
  • Although Discovery of documents is common, it is not mandatory and often not as far-reaching as in litigation
  • Enforceability of arbitral awards under the New York Convention 1958 (over 140 countries are parties) as opposed to the non-enforceability of Singapore court judgments in many countries.
  • Potential to recover a higher proportion of the winning party's legal costs (as compared with litigation in court)
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